Weight Tiers refer to how heavy a character is. There are 3 classes, Middleweights, Heavyweights, And Lightweights. Middleweights are the most balanced characters, heavyweight characters are the most powerful and slow characters and lightweights characters are the most powerless and fast character.

Heavyweights Edit

1: Bowser, Midbus

2: Secret Character 2

3: Donkey Kong (DK)

4: Wart

5: Wario

6: WwwWario

Middleweights Edit

7: Fawful

8: Peach

9: Kamek

10: Secret Character 1

11: Luigi

12: Secret Character 3

13: Mario

14: Waluigi

15: Yoshi

Lightweights Edit

16: Geno

17: E.Gadd

18: Bowser Jr.

19: Koopa

20: Toad

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