Wario's Throne

Wario's throne


Added in v.0.6
Unlockable? No
From Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
Based on Wario's Castle
Wario's Throne is a stage in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. It was added in v.0.6. The stage is based off of the final room in Wario's Castle in Super Mario Land 2 : The Six Golden Coins.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Bowser's Island, Fawful Arena, Forest Maze, Peach's Castle, and E. Gadd's Lab, Wario's Throne is one of the only stages to have an owner. (being Wario).
  • Wario's Throne is currently the only stage based off of a Game Boy game. (Being Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins).
  • This is one of the fewer stages (Along with Mushroom Plains) where you can't fall off screen.
  • This stage was redesigned in v.0.9. A Game Boy-like border was added around the area. This design is reminiscent of the Dreamland stage from Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS.