Other one of this!!! And this one will be big...Yay???


Again, this tweets were posted by wwwWario himself, but its not known if they are jokes or real. So, Im not saying he comfirmed anything (Or maybe he did) I am just saying what he posted some time ago. With that clear, I will begin.

More Costumes!!! And new stage?

More of this Sneak Peaks of the costumes, and a new Island apparenty, that I think...Its from Yoshi's Island but I dont really know, it may be from another game, but thats just what it looks to me...

New Challenger Aproaching!!!

Oh god, more of this....wwwWario said that a new character will come in the next update, and that it was a requested one...I got 3 Characters on my mind, King Boo, Goomba and Shy Guy...And Ridley too...

A GameChanger Technique?

This was actually a surprise, not new character, costume picture or something like that. He said a Technique that will change the game...We already have "Final Smashes" (Showdown Attacks) so...I think its the DoubleJump, or blocking attacks...wait that is already in the game? I dont know...I think is in...Well its gonna change the game thats what we need to know.


YEEES!!! You read it right, MKS could have Online Mode, I talked to him and he told me its not impossible to do it, but he has no idea how to do it, so maybe he will learn how to and we could play versus real players around the world!!! And also, this is less probable, but more than 2 Players its also a possible idea, but as we know, hard to program, I hope the game will have at least 4 Players on the Online or Classic...But meh its cool.

3D Animated Trailer

Yes, this is not something that he posted, but whatever, I will make, try to make, a 3D Trailer for MKS, of course not that great animated like an official TF2 Trailer or Short, or like a Profesional animator, but still. It will probably will be pretty bad, but whatever. I will use SFM to do it so...Hope it will be good...

So thats all comment if you want whats your opinion on this tweets he made, and check out the gallery down.