First of all

This is not 100% comfirmed, I mean, this is REAL, but not comfirmed if this Tweets were jokes of wwwWario or real snapshots of the actual game. Also, here is his Twitter, to check out this images are real :)

Roster Decided

wwwWario said today on his Twitter that the Roster was already decided, and he was creating the characters, that means, he already decided the FULL ROSTER, I later asked him if that means the v.0.7 will be the last update, and he told me that its not going to be the last update, just that the Roster was already decided.

Alternate Costumes

This is something even less important but many people will be happy of this: ALTERNATE COSTUMES ARE COMFIRMED, well, he didnt said that, but he posted 3 Images, to be exactly, you can see 2 of the 3 images about the Costumes in the Gallery below :) I was too lazy to put the other one, sorry :/

What you think? Its wwwWario trolling us? Or he is telling us the truth, I really think he is saying true things, so, comment what you think, and I will post something if he Tweets something important, Bye :)