Here are my character predictions for MKS, I know at least one will make into the game, maybe all of them i dont know

King Boo: You know it would be awesome, we have E. Gadd with his own Boo Showdown Attack, where is King Boo?

Hammer Bros: They are important enemies since Super Mario Bros, so if Koopa is in it, why nit them?

Goomba: Speaking of important enemies

Geno: It would be cool to have it in MKS

Rosalina: Another Female character is always nice

Daisy: Clone of Peach or not clone, she is very important to the franchise cause...she...uh...I dont know

Dry Bowser or Black Bowser (As a costume or character): Okay Dry Bowser or Dark Bowser would be awesome, it could be a clone of Bowser but stronger and slower, and other Showdown Attack of turning giant or something 

Nabbit: He isnt that important but come on! He would fit perfectly on the game

Shy Guy: Its freakin Shy Guy

King Bomb: We got *SPOILERS* Petey, why not King Bomb, he is awesome, and he got a cool Moustache :3