Everyone is doing this...I wanna do it too...Lets go!!!

  1. Achievements! Beat Classic Mode one time, BOOM! Achievement, use a Showdown Attack? BOOM! Achievement, Unlock or win Classic with a specific Character? BOOM! Achievement...This will be the best for me and it would be a fun touch to MKS, the only problems its that I dont know how the Achievements will save themselves when a new version comes out or you will need to get them...AGAIN!...Also I think when you get an Achievement, a little message will come out from a corner telling you what you earned and a little picture of it like in every Steam game...Yes I know this is hard but I can dream :(
  2. Color Swaps I dont need to talk about this, we will have it TODAY!!! 
  3. Time Limit for Target Smash Target Smash is something that I personally dislike from SmashBros and MKS, I mean its not really bad, its cool but FOR ME boring, It will be cool that you could suicide in Target Smash or even had Time Limit for, maybe 2 Seconds....Also a second Target Smash Stage would be pretty good
  4. +2Player Modes! Yeah, its difficult to do it, but at least for Classic Mode where the other players are CPU controlled, I dont know it will be more fun and crazy to play, even that it could be a chaos it will be very good, and we could have a...I dunno Your character VS Bowser  & Bowser JR.
  5. ONLINE!!!! Ok, before you start saying on the comments: But its a fanmade game!!! Not a official game!!! How do you think wwwWario will do this?!?! Well...Yes, its a FanMade game, from ONE person...Not a Company or even an Indie Team, but I talked to wwwWario and he said he has NO IDEA how to make an Online mode BUT he knows that is possible, even there IS a possibility of Online Mode, it will be a little bit BORING to have just...You know...2 Players...It will be great that we had 4 Players, all players controlling their character obviusly, doh it will be complicated and if wwwWario connection or something fails, we couldnt continue with the online, OR he will need to do a...v.0.7.1 version or something like that...But its an ONLINE MODE!!!

The reason I made this was cause if the game ends in 1.0 and not continue with 1.1, 1.2, etc. we will have the full game so no more ideas or things to ask to wwwWario for putting in the game...even if the game has a sequel, I want at least 2 of this things (Counting Color Swaps that are already comfirmed, duh) to be in the game :)

ALSO V.0.7 JUST CAME OUT WHEN I WAS WRITING THIS OMG xD I will do a review for it AND ALSO will continue the WWWWARIO TTWEETS...Bye :D