Here I will show some updates for the 3D Trailer of MKS that Im working right now. I dont know when I will finish this, I really dont know, but I think I can finish this between November 2nd -November 20th...Or maybe not, I am a noob in 3D Animation so I dont know how this will turn out. But here I will post updates about it, hope you like it and I hope wwwWario see this someday c:

First Update :v

Before even start, if someone wants the models, just search in Google, Youtube or even Steam:"ApocModels", Im sure it will be there!

First of all, I am a noob, second of all I am using this models that I talked a seconds ago, its difficult for me but its turning out very easy...for now, I dont have any map to put, I dont know if I will find a Mario Map somewhere, I dont think so, if you have any maps of Mario for SFM, (SourceFilmMaker) you can tell me. So, for the first update all I did was put Wario and Waluigi, like the game is of 2Players, there will be two players, I putted Waluigi on a Fighting Pose, and I will put Wario in one too! Hope you like it