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    WwwWario Tweets 3

    November 15, 2014 by Xaton5000

    More of this...Yaaaaay...I havent made more BlogPosts for a while, so here it is! wwwWario havent tweet many updates of MKS or SW&WW so, this will be shorter than other days, yay

    Like probably everyone in the Wiki knows, the new character is not going to have recolors, I think! This is an old new, but meh, its a Tweet so it goes here, I dont know if Andy already solved this problem, I hope so.

    So, Andy is starting a new project, a horror game, I dont know how its this gonna turn on actually, I dunno. I hope it turns out really good, but I dont feel like its going to work that good, Well, just seeing a picture, maybe if I get to see more pictures or actually play it I change my opinion drastically. FnaWH

    SW's Final Boss its finally finished, s…

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  • Xaton5000


    October 20, 2014 by Xaton5000

    Like you know, I am an Admin, so I just wanted to tell you an important thing: I blocked the Spammer and I deleted all the useless pages. BUT if you find another page of this type or another Spammer please tell me :3 Also, I think I should make some users admins too...*wink*GG*wink* You already know my candidates :D

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  • Xaton5000

    Everyone is doing this...I wanna do it too...Lets go!!!

    1. Achievements! Beat Classic Mode one time, BOOM! Achievement, use a Showdown Attack? BOOM! Achievement, Unlock or win Classic with a specific Character? BOOM! Achievement...This will be the best for me and it would be a fun touch to MKS, the only problems its that I dont know how the Achievements will save themselves when a new version comes out or you will need to get them...AGAIN!...Also I think when you get an Achievement, a little message will come out from a corner telling you what you earned and a little picture of it like in every Steam game...Yes I know this is hard but I can dream :(
    2. Color Swaps I dont need to talk about this, we will have it TODAY!!! 
    3. Time Limit for Target Smash…
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  • Xaton5000

    what is happenibg

    October 18, 2014 by Xaton5000

    Look, with all the respect of the creators of this pages...Pages like P2, KO Screen or Victory Screen...ARE COMPLETLY USELESS!!!! I mean you can do what Mighty did, put all the leaks, false leaks and true ones on a single page. YOU CAN make a paga called: Menus or Screens! PLEASE dont continue making this useless pages...Please...and even a page for the Character Menu?!?! Please do what Mighty did...With all the respect to the creators

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  • Xaton5000

    3D Trailer Updates

    October 15, 2014 by Xaton5000

    Here I will show some updates for the 3D Trailer of MKS that Im working right now. I dont know when I will finish this, I really dont know, but I think I can finish this between November 2nd -November 20th...Or maybe not, I am a noob in 3D Animation so I dont know how this will turn out. But here I will post updates about it, hope you like it and I hope wwwWario see this someday c:

    Before even start, if someone wants the models, just search in Google, Youtube or even Steam:"ApocModels", Im sure it will be there!

    First of all, I am a noob, second of all I am using this models that I talked a seconds ago, its difficult for me but its turning out very easy...for now, I dont have any map to put, I dont know if I will find a Mario Map somewhere, …

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