Since everyone is doing it now and v0.7 is out... Let's go!

Some ideas may be taken from other people.


  1. More detailed and more better Alternative Costumes - Since alternative costumes are confirmed, and they are a bit glitch. wwwWario needs to take his time and fix them and maybe make some more. The Diffrent colours I think should be changed however is the koopa's colours as his shell should change colour instead of his skin.
  2. More Stages (more unlockable ones too.) - I don't think making a stage isn't all to hard, I think there should be atleast 5 more in the update. I'd like to see a Dr. Mario one, Princess Peach's Castle and that leaked Bob-omb Battlefield. (that leak was fake though.)
  3. Online Play / 4 Player - He said he could do the online play...but I don't think that is easier than 4 players.
  4. Better CPU Design - Add levels to CPUs that change how much they attack. Maybe level 1 to 5.
  5. Level Maker - A level maker for both Normal Fights and Target Smash.
  6. More Gametypes - I could just list the gametypes...but I'll give the easy ones. Training Mode is where you fight a character and it doesn't move at all but it gets knockback.
  7. Easier Save Feature - Because I can't save! D:<
  8. Goomba, Shy Guy and Rosalina as Playable Characters - I feel like the old leaked characters should be players, I made a sprite sheet for goomba so wwwWario won't have too much stress. The Shy Guy could use fly guy as a up special and use turnip throws. (like TOAAAAAAAD) Rosalina is just that.