There are ton's of people that could be in this game now that we know that WwwWario came in! SO,Because of that people are making ALL of these leaks saying that "This is 100% Real!" or stuff like "Hammer bro is in because he is a person in Mario duh!!!" BUT...really they don't know what they are talking about with all of this "Since he/she is in Mario their going to be in!" Bullshit,Because there is only one person who makes the rules for this game...AND THAT IS WwwWario! What you try to do is trying to prevent him from putting in people that you don't like in the game. Whatever he says he wants in the it's in the game and then soon it will be FINAL. Now tell me who you would like to see in the game and then I will try to help you prevent him from putting in people in the game that you don't like and make them BETTER!!!


Some people have also leaked about different colors for the people in the game,But hey this is not smash bros...THIS IS A FAN MADE GAME THAT CAN HAVE ANYTHNG IN IT!!!