It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser wasn't doing any villainous crimes, Peach finished helping out Daisy's kingdom and Mario & Luigi were practising their fighting techniques. But soon in the dark castle of Bowser's, he was planning something insane! After his failed attempt of using the Double Cherries in the past Kameck showed the king of the Koopas a new item he used his wicked magic on for him. Bowser decided to try it and to his surprise another Bowser was born. . .but was a different color! Kameck explained that the clone is exactly like Bowser in every way. "He" can fight, breath fire and even go Giga like the original. Unfortunately for the duo the clone wasn't perfect and wanted to rule the kingdom even before any plans could be made. He stole Bowser's clown car and flew off. . .but crashed landed in (whatever place the Bowser fight is). The friendly Koopa who helped the heroes in Mario Party 2 noticed this and ran to tell the princess. She was horrified by the news and came up with an idea. In order to see who the strongest is and the most likely to slay the clone everyone will participate in a tournament to see who will get the chance and maybe a reward afterwards. Everybody had their own reasons for going:

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and the other heroes wanted to save the world

Warrior wanted the reward afterwards, hoping it's a lifetime worth of garlic or a fat stack of cash

Waluigi wanted to show everyone he is a good person and prove himself to be strong

Fawful and Midbus planned to capture the clone instead and use it for their next world domination attempt

Wart has never heard of the Mushroom Kingdom but wanted to use the clone for a REAL attack. Mario's dream hinted this.

King Boo just wanted the clone's body to possess and getting a chance to capture Luigi again

Shadow Mario actually was another experiment. After using Jr's paintbrush Shadow Mario became his own being. He was more interested in killing Mario and impressing his master. . .Who isn't Bowser! It's Bowser Jr and he finds the water being to be his new best friend (Like Paper Jr).

Dr Mario was Mario's cousin and believed the clone had a virus. He also wanted to heal everyone who lost and got beaten up in the tournament.

Bowser, Kameck, Shy Guy and their team wanted the clone back in control and a chance to take on Mario.

DK and Diddy hoped the prize was a bunch of bananas and needed some training next time K.Rool came back

Finally WwwWario decided to join to test out his new powers

Who won? Well like in Street Fighter 2 that's up to you. Choose who you want to win and help them get their goal!! 

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