These are things most that would help the gameplay a lot.

Side Specials + Tap Specials

Side and tap specials would be GREAT to have. I got fooled when Andy showed us Waluigi with a tennis racket. I still think they'd be great, and could make for some great combos.

Buff Mode

Buff Mode would be pretty much Special Smash. Where you choose some weird qualitys. Like you're invcible and your goal is to push people off the map. Or you're invisible and you're sprite flashes every few seconds

Map Creator

Pretty straight foward. It'd be great to have though. It'd probably be VERY hard to make though. :/

Story Mode

You know you want it.

Tag Team

Of course 4-Player would have to exist. You select a two characters and so does your friend. Or it can be a CPU. Then you pick teams. You press H to switch characters.

Other Things

These are other things I want, that are either requested too many times to make them part of my main or that they're just too small.

4-Player Mode


Online Showdown


More Items