hay guies. las tim i mad a lek, it wasnt tru. butt dis tim, i aded a xtra really 2 da title, so it muste mean itz tru!

anways, i will post updtes her on dis page so stay tooned.

upate 1

i waz sendt a pikture of da charcter slect scren. i noticed dere waz a neu charater!

Real leak

charcter slect scren 2 op

upadte 2

yay anoder pikture, dis tim itz a nuw stage! cookie clicker! chek it out!

Real stage

wow such realness

upate 3

yay enotder upate! dis 1 haz a item and an charcter!

Totally real

lolz v.0.7.2 is awesome

udpate 3.1

wwwwairio snet mi too pikutres in de sam mesage. her is chum chum's shodon atac!


dont go banas!

updays 4


lol noscope game

dis upday iz a shoker. a hole nuw gammode! more piks cuming sone!

updays 4.1

her iz a pikture of gamplay! wwwwairo sayd dat u spend coins 4 ammo, and u get xp form kiling zombies. u use the xp 2 purchuse mor guns, and a nuw charcter: chumchum!


so col

updays 4.2

her iz a pikture of da shop! wwwwirio alredy bot: pistol, sniper, and chum chum. it caust 20 xp 2 get da bazooka. he sais mor items 2 perchase r cuming soon.

Noscope shop

note imperssed

updatys 4.3 (final)

her iz da finle pikture of noscope game. dis won iz abot da coin system, evrytim u win an match, u get coins, spendt coins on amo!
Coin system

2 manie coins, it taks alot 2 mak u rech