Ok, I made a thing. I saw this on other wikis and I thought it would be nice to randomly make someone's day. So every week on Friday I will randomly select a member of the wiki. Anyone can qualify, but if you are more active and helpful you might stand out more. Anyways:

[Oct. 17 2014] WEEK 1: GoombaGames
150px-25457682 png

GoombaGames is ranked #1 on the leader board tied with me at the time of this write up, and has contributed to the wiki everyday since it started. He is also a cool friend and has a good sense of humor.

[Oct 24 2014] WEEK 2: Xaton5000

Xaton was the person who took inicitave to ask for admins and crats and listed names. He was the first user to be an Admin, a Crat, and contributes lots to the wiki. Not to metion he has a great sense of humor, And a really nice guy to be around.

[Oct 25 2014] WEEK 3: JDizzleII

He's just such a nice guy, he's funny, and he is a great contributor to all wikis he is on. JD deserves this.

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