Ok,let get started.

It all started when I give wwwwario a MKS menu I made.He didn't use it,but he PM me after the 7.0 demo a gave me a few screenshots of the hidden characters and told me about some kind of new mode call Mushroom Stadium.He told me to not leak,but I just couldn't help my self,so here the screenshots.

Screenshot (15)
Screenshot (16)
What you see now are Daisy,Rosalina,Miyamoto,and Dark Bowser on Peach Castle and Professor Elivin Gadd Cafe.These are the only two screenshot wwwwario gave me.

Now that we got that out of the way,lets read what he told me about this Mushroom Stadium mode.These are his exact words "Mushroom Stadium (MS) is a mode that have multply other modes.Bom-omb Dougher,Kingdom Rumble,Mult-Man Smash,Super Smasher Bros,and Target Smash.Target Smash got move over from Solo to this new mode.Bom-omb Dougher is self-explanatory.Kingdom Rumble is a mode that you fight all the fighters in MKS.Like in SSB4,the full mode isn't unlock till you unlock all of the characters.Mult-Man Smash is self-elpanatory.The biggest mode is Super Smasher Bros.Its a beat'em up mode when you go through 3 worlds full of emenies.Ok,lets go on to the less important stuff.Dr.Mario been nerfed and Petey Piranha been nerfed.The menu been updated,and some of the Showdown Attacks been nerfed.Thats all I got to tell you.Bye. :)"

And that the whole leak.

This was fake.It would be cool if Miyamoto was in though.