Unknown Cavern
Added in v.0.6
Unlockable? No
From Super Wario and The World of Wirio (2014)
Based on Unknown Cavern

Unknown Cavern is a stage in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, it was added in v.0.6. It is categorized as a banned stage, the stage is too big and is hard to fight on at times.

This stage is based off of one of WwwWario's fan-games, "Super Wario and the World of Wirio" (Super Wario 5), where Unknown Cavern is the tutorial level of the game.

Features Edit

This stage features two levels with several blockades in the way. The bottom level has two small platforms and a Bounce Block to reach the second level. The top level features two Bounce Blocks and several platforms. Unknown Cavern is quite possibly the stage with the most variety. There are many places in which players can be cornered in as there is only one path between floors.

Tips Edit

  • There are some places in the stage where you could get trapped, so plan carefully.
  • The highest platform is hard to reach with some characters, but others can with ease.
  • No items can spawn, so unless your Toad, don't count on getting big!

Trivia Edit

  • You could previously perform a glitch that makes you able to leave the boundaries of the stage, but it was fixed in v.0.7. For more information, click here.
  • Unknown Cavern is the first and only stage that items can't spawn in.
  • Unknown Cavern is the first and only stage that is based on a fan-made game (Super Wario and the World of Wirio).

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