NOTE - Tiers may be subject to change, depending on general consensus on what character is good or bad. Also, these are not forced onto the player; meaning anyone can play the game how ever they want.

This is the official tier list for Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 0.9, created by the MKS Backroom. The two members of the backroom are NilZAR and KnucklesSilver7.

The tiers are created with the mindset of "not every character is bad, but some characters are better than others". These tiers are created based on how characters play without the use of showdown attacks, and on stages with closed blast zones (ex: Mushroom Plains).

Due to the backroom members becoming inactive on the wiki, a official 1.0 tier list is unlikely.
MKS 0.9 TL-0

The v.0.9 and current Tier List. No official 1.0 tier list currently exists.

List of all Tier Lists: List of MKS tier lists.

SS Tier (Invincible Tier) Edit

1. Waluigi

2. Petey

S Tier (UnBeatable Tier) Edit

3. Bowser

4. Yoshi

5. Shadow Mario

6. Shy Guy

A Tier (Powerful Tier) Edit

7. Diddy Kong

8. Midbus

9. Kamek

10. Fawful

11. Luigi

12. Geno

B Tier (Normal Tier) Edit

13. Donkey Kong

14. Wart

15. Wario

16. Bowser Jr.

17. Mario

C Tier (Defective Tier) Edit

18. Peach

19. Koopa

20. E.Gadd

21. Dr. Mario

22. WwwWario

D Tier (Abominable Tier)Edit

23. King Bob-omb

24. Toad

F Tier (Innominate Tier) Edit

25. King Boo