Target smash

Target Smash is one of the few game modes in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, it's based off the Super Smash Bros' Target Smash/Break the Targets. This mode can be found among the Solo game modes.


Target Smash is a simple game where you go through multiple objects such as Bounce Blocks and the Targets you must smash. If you smash all the targets, you win the game. Target Smash also appears in Classic Mode as a bonus round in Round 4 and 8.

Target Smash has two stages -


Mushroom Kingdom Showdown v001:02

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown v0.6 - Target Smash!

Video showcasing the Normal Target Test.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In Mushroom Kingdom Showdown there is no time limit to break all of the targets unlike Smash.

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