Stages are the arenas that characters fight on. In the final release of Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, there are fifteen stages in total - twelve are starting stages, and three are unlockable stages. Three other stages exist in the game, but they are only availible in Solo Modes.


Starting Stages

Unlockable Stages

Solo-Only Stages

  • Mushroom Plains
  • Platform Castle
  • Galaxy Island
  • Fawful's Arena
  • Mario Bros.
  • E.Gadd's Lab
  • Dry Dry Desert
  • Wario's Throne
  • Unknown Cavern
  • Boss Stage
  • Forest Maze
  • Bowser's Island
  • Peach's Castle
  • Jungle Japes
  • Mario's CiruitGo to Mario's Circuit

Viable Stages

The different stages are either allowed or disallowed in competitive play. Click here to see the list of Viable Stages.

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