Showdown Attacks are powerful attacks that you get over time by attacking your opponent or your opponent constantly air dodging. You can see how much time until you get a Showdown Attack with the Showdown Bar above the health meter. When the meter is maxed out, it will make a player's HP bar outline glow red indicating a Showdown Attack can be used.

  • Roy Support
  • Galaxian Shot
  • Rain of Bubbles
  • 45 Degree Shell
  • Mario Finale
  • Twin Boo
  • Wizard Wrath
  • Monster Flame
  • Shadow Slicer
  • Master Bomb
  • Great Waft
  • Green Cluster
  • Uploading
  • Ring of Hearts
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Pirahna Horde
  • Pill Storm
  • Raging Punch
  • Egg Storm
  • Big Daddy
  • Geno Whirl
  • Peanut Wave
  • Phanto
  • Kongo Beat

Showdown Attacks List Edit


  • Mario: Mario Finale (3 Dmg per Fireball)
  • Luigi: Green Cluster (3 Dmg per Fireball)
  • Wario: Great Waft (7 Dmg per Hit)
  • Waluigi: Master Bomb (15 Dmg)
  • E.Gadd : Twin Boo (3 Dmg per hit)
  • Bowser: Monster Flame (10 Dmg)
  • Bowser Jr : Roy Support (20 Dmg)
  • Peach: Ring of Hearts (6 Dmg per Heart)
  • Toad : Golden Mushroom
  • WwwWario : Upload (4 Dmg per hit)
  • Kamek : Wizard's Wrath (4 Dmg per hit)
  • Donkey Kong : Kongo Beat (3 Dmg per hit)
  • Showdown attack meter

    Mario's Health Meter Ready For A Showdown Attack before v.0.8

    Yoshi : Egg Storm (3 Dmg per Egg)
  • Fawful : Galaxian Shot (18 Dmg)
  • Wart : Rain of Bubbles (5 Dmg per Bubble)
  • Koopa : 45 Degrees Shell (1 Dmg per Shell)
  • Midbus : Raging Punch (18 Dmg)
  • King Boo : None


Showdown Meter

Luigi's Showdown Meter Full

Trivia Edit

  • Showdown Attacks are based on the Final Smash in the Super Smash Bros. Series.
  • In v.0.5, only a few characters were able to use a Showdown Attack. (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser) But in v.0.6, everyone received a Showdown Attack.
  • The Showdown Attack Bar wasn't introduced until V0.8.
Mushroom Kingdom Showdown All Showdown Attacks00:00

Mushroom Kingdom Showdown All Showdown Attacks

All the Showdown Attacks before V0.8. Made by DA151874

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