• Round Start Screen
  • Stage Select Screen
  • Gamemode Select Screen
  • Title Screen
  • Character Select Screen (2/2)
  • Character Select Screen (1/2)
  • Victory Screen
  • KO Screen
  • Fight Screen
This is a list of screens and menus that you can find throughout the game.

Screen list Edit

Round Select Screen Edit

The Round Start Screen is the screen that you see when you start a round in Classic Mode. Each round has a set different opponent on the right side. Stage 4 and 8 have Targets and Stage 10 has Giga Bowser.

Stage Select Screen Edit

The Stage Select Screen is the screen where you select the stage you want to fight in. There are 15 stages as of v.0.9, 12 unlocked from the start, and 3 that need to be unlocked.

Gamemode Select Screen Edit

The Gamemode Select Screen is the screen where you can pick what gamemode you want to play. These gamemodes include, Solo, Showdown, and Options.

Title Screen Edit

The Title Screen is the screen that you see when you start the game. It is the official and final title screen confirmed by WwwWario. Once your press enter, you get taken to the Gamemode Select Screen.

KO Screen Edit

The KO Screen is the screen that you see when you or your opponent's HP gets to 0. The screen fades to white if you or Giga Bowser gets KO'd during the final round of Classic mode. The screen also looks broken.

Character Select Screen Edit

The Character Select Screen is the screen where you pick the characters that you want to fight. There is a total of 24 characters, 17 starting and 7 unlockable. Once two characters are selected, the option to fight is available.

Victory Screen Edit

The Victory Screen is the screen you see when you or your opponent wins a battle. The screen says, "The Winner is" while the character that won is below the text.

Fight Screen Edit

The Fight Screen is the screen that you see before a match. This screen indicates that you can begin to attack your opponent. Before this screen, you can't do anything but wait.

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