Petey character
Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack Piranha Horde
Unlockable? Yes
Added in Unspecified Version
Weight Unknown
Tier SS
Character's Origins
First Appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

Petey is one of the unlockable characters. He was added in v.0.3

Attacks Edit

Basic moveset: Edit

  • Chomp: By pressing the first button, this melee attack does 3 damage
  • Upward Chomp: By pressing down and the first button, this melee attack does 3 damage
  • Air Swipe: By pressing the up button and the first button, this melee attack does 2 damage
  • Headbutt: By tapping either side button and the first button, this melee attack does 2 damage
  • Spin: By pressing either side button and the first button, this melee attack does 1-4 damage

Specials: Edit

  • Mud Spit: By pressing the second button, this ranged attack does 3 damage
  • Chomp Spin Jump: By pressing down and the second button, this attack does 3-6 damage
  • Chomp Jump: By pressing up and the second button, this attack does 3 damage

Showdown Attack: Edit

  • Piranha Horde: Petey puts down several Piranha Plants as he walks across the stage, like Waluigi's down special. 2 damage per Piranha.

Skin SwapsEdit

Petey has 4 skin swaps: Black Petey, Purple Petey, Red Petey, and Yellow Petey.

Attributes Edit

Petey is ranked 2nd in the SS tier, the highest of the unlockable characters and the highest of the heavyweights. Petey is the most mobile out of all the heavyweights, as well as one of the most mobile characters in the game. He can run surprisingly fast and has a high jump. This combined with his Chomp Spin Jump can be viable for escape. Petey also has one of the best jabs which can send the opponent considerably far. Like Luigi and Kamek, his dash attack gives Petey a really good combo game. He also has a projectile with a slow startup, but in return a huge hitbox (rivals Donkey Kong for the largest hitbox in a projectile). However, Petey has one major flaw: he is the largest character in the game. This makes him very easy to hit. Also, for a heavyweight, he isn't really that good at dealing damage. Additionally, he has a really bad aerial and a down normal that can be hard to land a hit with.

How to unlock Edit


Play Showdown Match as Shadow Mario against Mario.

Trivia Edit

  • Petey's unlock method is most likely a reference to Super Mario Sunshine. In this game, Mario is mistaken for Shadow Mario, who had covered the entire tropic paradise of Isle Delfino in gooey graffiti. Mario must clean up the mess while also pursuing Shadow Mario. The first boss of the game is Petey Piranha.
  • There is currently a glitch with Petey's portrait, a white triangle is left unchanged when selected.
  • Despite Petey's portrait using the design from Mario's Pinball Land (Long neck, no legs or pants), Petey's in-game appearance is from his Super Mario Sunshine appearance.
  • Petey is the highest-tiered of all unlockable characters.


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