Mushroom Plains

Mushroom plain 0.9

Before v.0.6: Mario And Luigi

Before v.0.9: Screenshot 2014-10-01-16-10-05

Added in MARIO Smash Bros.
Unlockable? No
From None
Based on New Super Mario Bros. (2006) "Overworld" (second design)

Super Mario 64. (1996) "Peach's Castle" (thrid design, latest)

Mushroom Plains was the first stage added into Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, first appearing in MARIO Smash Bros. (v.0.0).


All versions of the stage are a simple flat plains with two walls to keep the player from falling out.

Before v0.6Edit

Before the 0.6 update came out, Mushroom Plains looked custom but lacked much shading. The walls were using a brick texture. The sky would transition into day and night as the showdown went on.

Before v0.9Edit

The stage got a redesign after v0.6, consisting of an enhanced floor which uses New Super Mario Bros tiles and higher brick walls, which keep the same texture as the previous update. Other than that the stage stayed the same.


In v0.9, the stage has got it's final and most advanced redesign. The floor is completely custom, but it shares similarities to the original New Super Mario Bros tiles. The background was a picture of Peach's Castle, found in Super Mario 64 (DS). The walls were changed to pipes and they almost touch the top of the screen.

Tips Edit

  • Don't get backed up against either wall.
  • Spamming projectiles won't work well (unless you're playing as Waluigi or Geno).
  • This is a great stage for firewalling, so you can use it to your advantage.


  • Mushroom Plains has gotten two variations (four if counting the redesigns) over the updates, Boss Stage with an unoffical name, a darker design, and Mushroom Plains itself.
  • The stage may be connected to Peach's Castle (the stage), as it appears in the background of the current redesign of the stage.