The Mushroom Kingdom Showdown Wiki has strict rules and when broken can cause blocks, warnings and more.

Editing Rules Edit

  • Useless edits or removing an entire page with a edit is not helpful and may end in punishment depending on the scale.
  • Use capitals, proper grammar, and correct punctuation.
  • 7 year olds or below should not edit or even be on a wikia.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO false info. This will result in punishment instantly (varies on occasion.)
  • Trivia must be about Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. No general Mario, Smash Bros or anything that isn't MKS is forbidden from being put into the trivia section.
  • Do not edit any user pages that are not yours to put nonsense on, or else you will be blocked.

Social Rules Edit

  • No swearing without censoring the word (Example: f**k, s**t).
  • No sexually or physically explicit pictures, blogs, references, or media.
  • Treat one as you would want to be treated.
  • Unjustified cruelty towards another member will be looked into as the punishments may vary.
  • Sockpuppet accounts, troll accounts, and "gimmick" accounts are not allowed.
  • Everyone, including admins, are equal.

Chat RulesEdit

  • No spamming, this'll result in kicks or even a ban.
  • No cruelty or insults to others.
  • No unfair kicks or bans that don't need to be there, they'll be looked into.
  • No arguments or you both will be kicked.

Blog RulesEdit

  • No useless blog posts or they'll be removed! You'll get a warning for one useless blog, and you may be banned if you don't stop.
  • Do not make a post requesting for mod, it will be deleted if it is made.

Admin Rules Edit

  • An admin will be demoted if they break a major rule.
  • An admin can not ban or block a user just for questioning an admins decision.

Other Rules Edit

  • No spamming for badges.
  • A user, unless they broke several major rules should not be banned forever.

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