Mushroom Kingdom Showdown (abbreviated as MKS, and previously known as MARIO Smash Bros.) is a fighting game created by WwwWario using Multimedia Fusion 2. At v1.0, the game was fully completed and hosts 25 characters (excluding Giga Bowser), 14 stages (excluding Solo-Only stages), 2 items and 4 game modes. Alongside v1.0, the game's .mfa file was made availible to download, allowing anyone with Clickteam to edit the game.


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Gameplay Edit


Bowser Jr. shooting a cannonball from his Koopa Clown Car in Galaxy Island

The game is based on the Super Smash Bros. series. As such, it controls similarly to that series. The character has two types of attacks - Standard and Special. The player also has the ability to air dodge. 
Control Name Player 1 Player 2 Description
Move WASD Arrow Keys Moving is simple and you can't fight without it. Inputting directions will change the attack. Pressing up will make you jump, and pressing down will make you crouch.
Standard Attack F O Standard Attacks are weak and fast, easy to combo with and are easy to deal small pieces of damage with.
Special Attack G P

Special Attacks are the opposite to Standard Attacks. They're strong and deal more damage. Some are physical attacks, and some are projectiles. You can also activate your Showdown Attack using this button.

Air Dodge H I Air Dodging can only be executed in the air. Air Dodging allows you to dodge attacks and do quick movements in the air. Using the air dodge increases your enemy's Showdown Attack bar.

Game ModesEdit

There are 4 main Game Modes in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown:


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Showdown allows you to do simple battles between two players. You can select Player 1, Player 2 (or the CPU)'s character, then choose a stage. Hard CPUs are also availible, which add an extra challenge.

Target SmashEdit

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Target Smash is a gamemode based on Target Smash! from the Super Smash Bros. series. You have a select amount of targets to break in 2 different levels, varying in what difficulty you selected.

Classic ModeEdit

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Classic Mode is the biggest mode in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, with 9 rounds before battling Giga Bowser. You'll have 7 CPU fights (based on difficulty, they'll be normal or hard) and 2 target smash games.


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Takedown is a mode based on All-Star Mode from the Super Smash Bros. series. In this mode, you battle every starter character in the game. After each opponent, you get a healing item (how many you get depends on the difficulty selected).

Modifications Edit

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Creation Edit

During the time between v0.9 and v.1.0; wiki user 'Mightyzinn' managed to access the game files. After seeing fan request for the game to become open source, WwwWario released the game's .mfa file alongside the final update. The file is compatible with Multimedia Fusion 2, and other Clickteam game creation software.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, this is not the first fighting game made by WwwWario, as seen on his older videos, he had attempted to make two fighting games in the past - Super Smash Bros. Cruel, and a untitled Dragon Ball Z fighting game. The menu from the Dragon Ball Z fighting game was reused in MARIO Smash Bros.