Modded Item
Please Note
None of this was added to Mushroom Kingdom Showdown by WwwWario. Instead, this was created by a fan. This does not come with the original game.
Mr. L
Mr. L Artwork (Super Paper Mario)
Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack Flaming Finger Snap
Unlockable? No
Added in Demo 1
Weight Middleweight
Tier None
Character's Origins
First Appearance Super Paper Mario (Wii)
Mr. L is a character mod created by Supahwaffles. He lacks any alternate costumes. Mr. L is part of Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2.

Moveset Edit

Some of Mr. L's moves are borrowed from Luigi.

Basic Moveset: Edit

  • Combo: By pressing the attack button once, Mr. L will perform a kick that deals 1 damage. By pressing the attack button twice, Mr. L will perform both a kick and an uppercut that all together deals 2 damage.
  • Hammer Smash: By pressing down to crouch and the attack button, Mr. L will smash his hammer down to the ground, dealing 3 damage to his opponents.
  • Air Kick: While in the air and pressing the attack button, Mr. L kicks his opponent not too unlike Mario and Luigi, although this move looks and hits differently. This attack does 2 damage.
  • Cowardly Trample: By pressing either side button and the attack button, Mr. L will run towards his opponent like a coward running away, dealing 1-4 damage in the process.
  • Hammer Swing: By tapping either side button and the attack button, Mr. L will grab his hammer and quickly swings it around to deal 3 damage to his opponent on contact.

Specials: Edit

  • Green Fireball: By pressing the special button, Mr. L will shoot a green fireball towards his opponent, this move is identical to the one of Luigi and also does 3 damage.
  • Shroom Shake: By pressing the down button and the special button, Mr L drinks a shroom shake which for a short amount of time increases his overall speed.
  • Hammer Swing Jump: By pressing the up button and the special button, Mr. L swings his hammer with all his might, throwing himself into the air and doing 2 damage in the process.

Showdown Attack: Edit

  • Flaming Finger Snap: Mr. L smirks and snaps his fingers, shooting a huge amount of green fireballs into the air, raining down on the opponent. This does 3 damage per fireball.


  • Whilst first a standalone mod, he was later added to be a character in MKS 2.
  • Mr. L was the first mod to be ever released and for a long time, has been the only character mod.


Downloads Edit

Save Data Download

Mod Download

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