Mario Circuit
Mario circuit2
Added in v.0.9
Unlockable? Yes
From Mario Kart (1996)
Based on Mario Circuit

Mario Circuit is a stage that first appeared in v.0.9. It is based on the Mario Kart franchise.

The stage design is a turn of the race track with buildings next to it, with karts inside of the middle building. It is categorized as an allowed stage. It is a walk off stage, but the elevated platforms are consistent and each platform is flat.

How to Unlock Edit

Beat Takedown Mode for the first time.


  • The whole stage was drawn from scratch by Batttitude.
  • This stage was inspired by the remade version of the GBA version of Mario Circuit in Mario Kart 8.
  • This stage is the first true representation of Mario Kart in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown.

Gallery Edit

Mario circuit

When you unlock Mario circuit

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