Mario is a starting character in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown and its sequel. He's an all-around character and one of the first characters to be created for the game, being created in the Mario Smash Bros stages.


Mario has the same appearance as he does in the modern Mario games. He wears a red cap with a red "M" on it, a red shirt followed by blue overalls with golden buttons, white gloves, a black moustache, blue eyes and brown boots. His sprites were created by Gregarlink10 and his selection and title screen artwork is from Mario Party Advance.

Mario, like all characters, has four extra alternate costumes. His first one supports a yellow hat and shirt and purple overalls, which is similar to the outfit Wario wears. His second one supports a white hat and shirt with red overalls, which represents Fire Mario, the form Mario takes upon touching a fire flower. His third one turns his clothes to an american patriotic look, based on Mario's NES Golf appearance. His final costume supports a cyan hat and shirt with red overalls, which represents Ice Mario, the form Mario takes upon using an ice flower in the New Super Mario Bros series. This alternate costume also changes his fireballs to become blue with an icy noise when using them.

Moveset Edit

Image Name Description Type Damage
Mario Punch Punch Two alternating jabs followed by a forward kick. Originates from Super Mario 64. Neutral Attack 2%
Mario Side Kick Side Kick Mario performs a reverse roundhouse kick. Forward Tilt 3%
Mario Slide Dive Mario slides forward; similarly to the move he used in Super Mario 64. Dash Attack 3%
Mario Down Trip Kick Mario performs a breakdancing sweep that originated from Super Mario 64. Down Tilt 1%
Mario Sex Kick Air Kick Mario does a flying kick similar to the one he used in Super Mario 64. A standard sex kick. Aerial 4%
Mario Fire Ball Fireball Mario launches a fireball from his hand as a projectile. The fireball can bounce several times before disappearing.

Neutral Special

Mario Jump Super Jump Punch Mario performs a rising uppercut. Based on the Super Jump Punch from Super Smash Bros. Up Special 5%
Mario Tornado Mario Tornado Does a multi-hit spinning attack, very similar to the Spin Jump from Super Mario World. Down Special 3%
Mario Finale2 Mario Finale Shoots a massive, continuous spinning stream of flames horizontally across the stage. Showdown Attack 3% per fireball

Attributes Edit


Mario as he appears in the Tier List.

Mario ranks 16th in the tier list in the B tier, a minor drop from the previous tier list at 13th. As to be expected, Mario is a well balanced character with good attacks and mobility. He's got some good standard attacks, pretty fast speed, and a decent projectile, despite its lag at the beginning. However, he has a technique called Firewalling in which it will bounce off of a wall and support his comboing. He also can deal some pretty good damage with his specials, as well. However, Mario suffers from the lag in most of his special attacks (most notably his Mario Tornado and Fireball). While he has a decent combo game, that's only if he's on a stage with a wall. He also feels a little too balanced when compared to the other characters. But regardless, Mario is still a good beginners choice and with the right player he can put up quite a good fight.

Advanced Techniques Edit


Mario using Firewall to hurt a different Mario.

When Mario launches a fireball against a wall, it will bounce off it. When used in the air it'll improves Mario's combo game. This also works with Dr. Mario. This technique is called Firewalling.


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Trivia Edit

  • In MARIO Smash Bros., Mario completely different sprites that looked similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • These still appear in Mario's sprites, but unused.