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Please Note
None of this was added to Mushroom Kingdom Showdown by WwwWario. Instead, this was created by a fan. This does not come with the original game.
Please Note
The custom maps seen here are not in-game. They a simply custom maps made by fans.

The MKS Megamod (Formerly known as the Random Stage Switch Mod) is a mod made by Megapig9001. It adds a Random Stage Switch, a new target smash, and two new stages. It was the first stage mod to be released.


Random Button

The Random Button selected on the Stage Select Menu.

Random Stage SwitchEdit

The Random Stage Switch originates from Super Smash Bros., which appears when picking a stage. When clicked, it'll select a random stage for you.

Random Character Switch Edit

The Random Character Switch also originates from Super Smash Bros., it lets you choose a random character.

All-Star Mode Edit

A mode from Super Smash Bros.; All-Star mode lets you take on all the fighters (including the unlockable ones) of MKS with the added flare of changing stages.

World 1-1 Target SmashEdit

World 1-1 Target Smash

Dr. Mario running in the start of World 1-1 Target Smash.

A third Target Smash was made, which is meant to look like World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. The level features pipes, targets (which replace were question mark blocks where), bricks and pits. This may be the most tedious of Target Smash levels as this is the longest and has the most targets, along with frustrating structures. The first half was reworked in V. 1.1.


WwwWario and Dr. Mario duking it out in Subcon.


Based off of Mushroom Kingdom 2 from Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Mario Bros 2 (not japan release), this map features 2 grassy hills on each side, and 2 grass hills connected by a bridge in the middle. There's also a waterfall in the background and some trees too.

Classic Mode Alterations Edit

The Random Stage Switch Mod alters classic mode to take advantage of new stages added over the updates and in the mod.

  • The second battle now takes place on Peach's Castle instead of Platform Castle.
  • Wart is now fought on Subcon.
  • The battle with Bowser is now fought on Bowser Island.
  • The logo of the game now appears in the credits.
  • There are credits for people who have worked on the mod.
  • Shy Guy is now unlocked on Subcon.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • Donkey Kong now appears with his new sprite on the classic map screen instead of his old one.
  • Airdodging no longer freezes you in Target Smash and Giga Bowser.
  • The Unlock bug has been fixed.

Other Changes Edit

  • King Boo now appears in Takedown mode.
  • King Boo now has a Showdown Attack.
  • Characters who don't have recolors appear in black and white when both players are that character.
  • The Lava in Bowser Island now acts as a death zone.
  • The Unlockable characters will appear in Takedown mode when Unlocked.
  • Unlocking all the characters unlocks a new song for the main menu.

Downloads Edit

The Mod