King Boo
King Boo
Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack None
Unlockable? No
Added in v1.0
Weight Unknown
Tier Unlisted
Character's Origins
First Appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)

King Boo was the last character added to the game Mushroom Kingdom Showdown! He was added into the game in version 1.0, and was revealed in the last MKS update video on the WwwWario YouTube channel. He lacks a Showdown Attack due to a glitch that WwwWario was unable to fix.

Appearance Edit

Artwork Edit

King Boo's artwork is badly cut, most likely done in photoshop with the lasso tool. It features all the main things that make King Boo distinguishable from normal Boos. He has his signature crown, and his blue tounge and red eyes!

Sprite Edit

King Boo's sprite was made by SpencerEx! The sprite contains everything that King Boo has, like his crown, red eyes, and blue tongue.

Moveset Edit

Standards Edit

  • Lick: By pressing A button, King Boo licks his opponent dealing 3 damage.
  • Uppercut: By pressing A + down, King Boo punches his opponent with both arms dealing 2 damage.
  • Air Roll: By pressing A + up, King Boo Rolls in the air dealing 1 damage.
  • Rush: By pressing A + either side button, King Boo rushes in the opponent dealing 2 damage.
  • HeadButt: By tapping A + either side button, King Boo attacks with his head dealing 2 damage.

Specials Edit

  • Boo Support: By pressing B button, King Boo launches a boo at a random angle dealing 3 damage.
  • Mini Boos: By pressing B + down, King Boo launches 3, 2 or 1 mini Boos in the sky dealing 3 damage.
  • Teleport: By pressing B + up, King Boo teleports a bit higher dodging any attack

Showdown Attack Edit

King Boo is the only character in the entire game who lacks a Showdown Attack. This is due to a glitch WwwWario can't fix.

Gallery Edit