King Bob-omb
Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack Big Daddy
Unlockable? Yes
Added in Unspecified Version
Weight Unknown
Tier D
Character's Origins
First Appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)

King Bob-omb is an unlockable character that was added in v.0.8.

Moveset Edit

Basic Moveset: Edit

  • Punch: By pressing the attack button, a punch fowards. Does 2 damage.
  • Side Kick: By pressing down and the attack button, this kick does 3 damage.
  • Spin: By pressing up and the attack button, this attack does 2 damage.
  • Sparta Kick: By tapping left or right and the attack button, this attack does 4 damage.
  • Lunge: By pressing left or right and the attack button, this attack does 3 damage.

Specials: Edit

  • Bob-omb Throw: By pressing the special button, this attack does 3 damage.
  • Bob-omb Leap: By pressing up and the special button, this attack does 3 damage.
  • Explosion: By pressing down and the special button, this attack does 5 damage.

Showdown attack: Edit

  • Big Daddy: By pressing the special button with Showdown attack ready, this attack does 15 damage.

Attributes Edit

King Bob-Bomb is ranked 23rd on the tier list in the D tier, as the lowest of the heavyweights and the lowest of the unlockables. King Bob-omb's greatest strength is his damaging normals with long range and good combo game with his aerial and down tilt. However, these are his only pros, as his cons primarily consist in his specials. His Bob-omb throw has trouble hitting an opponent because the angle is very high and doesn't go far enough. It's a good anti-air option, but the startup lag is so slow that the opponent would likely be on the ground by now. His Bob-omb Leap is extremely weird, as the hitbox is exclusively behind him and can only be good for escape when he's on the ground and even then his momentum suddenly stops for a split second. His Explosion actually isn't that bad. The range is amazing and it deals 5 damage, though the ending lag really hinders the move. He's also very slow with a predictable Lunge attack. Combine that with a large hitbox and you have yourself the second worst character in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown.

Skin Swaps Edit

King Bob-omb has 4 skin swaps, Red King Bob-omb, Green King Bob-omb, Gray King Bob-omb, and Pink (Purple On Select Screen) King Bob-omb.

How to Unlock Edit


Play 5 Showdown matches on Peach's Castle.


  • It is possible for Shadow Mario's unlock criteria to clash with King Bob-omb's. If you unlock King Bob-omb first, you will not be greeted with Shadow Mario afterwards. To get past it; simply play another Showdown.
  • King Bob-omb's neutral special attack, Bob-omb throw, originally wasn't a move for King Bob-omb. This move used to be Waluigi's old neutral special, but was later gived to King Bob-omb when Waluigi got his tennis racket neutral special attack.