Forest Maze
Forest Maze Stage with Geno and Bowser
Added in v.0.7
Unlockable? Yes
From Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
Based on Forest Maze

Forest Maze is a stage that was added in v.0.7. Forest Maze is an unlockable stage. It is categorized as an allowed stage in competitive play. The stage is the largest allowed stage. Mostly because being mostly flat with a walk-off surface and two platforms.

The stage features a flat surface with 2 Jump-Through platforms. The stage is also a fall-off stage.

Tips: Edit

  • The stage is quite large, so it's very good for spacing characters.
  • The faster characters could also run around, striking every so often.
  • It's a fall off stage, so be carefull.

How To Unlock Edit


You unlock the stage along with Geno. (Complete Target Smash 10 times).

Trivia Edit

  • Forest Maze was the first unlockable stage to be added to the game.
  • Along with Wario's Throne, Fawful Arena, Peach's Castle, and Bowser's Island, Forest Maze is one of two stages from a Mario RPG, along with Fawful Arena.
  • Forest Maze is the first allowed stage to have platforms, making it similar to Battlefield from Super Smash Bros.