Easter Eggs are hidden references or features that can be found in any kinds of media, the most common being video games.

There is one in-game easter egg, and two easter eggs that are found in the source code.

Mushroom kingdom showdown easter egg-000:41

Mushroom kingdom showdown easter egg-0

A video that showcases the "Barrel Jump" Easter Egg.

Easter Eggs Edit

  • Having Mario jump above Donkey Kong will cause a short jingle from Donkey Kong to play. This Easter Egg was added in v.0.4.
  • Discovered in the game's files, a Stage Select icon for Sakurai off the side of the screen. It was later confirmed that Sakurai was never considered to be playable, and was just a joke left in the game from early versions of the game.
  • In the games files, there's a message that states: "If you are reading this, then you are awesome. ;)"

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