Dry Dry Desert
Kamek And DK
Kamek fighting Donkey Kong (DK)
Added in v.0.4
Unlockable? No
From New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Based on World 2

Dry Dry Desert is a stage in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. It is categorized as a counterpick stage.

The stage features a flat surface with 3 blocks on the far-right side and a bar 6 bricks floating in the middle that you can stand on. The stage is a fall-off Stage, meaning you will lose 20 HP and respawn if you happen to walk (or get knocked) out of the screen range.

Trivia Edit

  • In v.0.4, the music in this stage was shared with the one you hear in Fawful Arena, however, the music was changed prior to v.0.5.