Bowser's Island
Bowser's castle 2
Bowser's island as for v.0.9
Added in v.0.8
Unlockable? No
From New Super Mario Bros (2006)
Based on Bowser's Castle

Bowser's Island is a starting stage in the game. It was added in v.0.8.

Features Edit

The stage features a long flat platform with lava on both sides. The lava will bounce the player and deal them 10 damage. Bowser's Castle can be seen in the background of the stage.

Tips Edit

  • Try to knock the 2nd player off into the lava, then try to keep him there.
  • Stay as far as possible from the lava.
  • Using Waluigi's down attack, try and keep them in the lava.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with Wario's Throne, Fawful Arena, Elvin's Lab, Peach's Castle, and Forest Maze, Bowser's Island is one of the only stages to have an "owner". (being Bowser).
  • The castle has a similar look to the World 8 Bowser Castle from the New Super Mario Bros. games.
  • So far, this stage is the only one to take usage of the lava object.
  • In v.0.9, the stage was redesigned with more detailed lava and texturing.

Gallery Edit

Bowser's Island

Bowser's island before v.0.9

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