Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack Monster Flame
Unlockable? No
Added in Unspecified Version
Weight Heavyweight
Tier S
Character's Origins
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Bowser is one of the starting characters. He was added in MARIO Smash Bros (v.0.0).

Moveset Edit

Image Name Description Type Damage
Punch 3 consecutive punches Neutral


Underpunch A small punch whilst crouching Down Tilt 3%
Air attack
Air Shell Spin Spins around while in the air Aerial 4%
Run attack 2
Shell Spin Rolls on his shell, and gets back up again Dash


Charged Punch Does a powerful punch attack Forward


Fireball Launches a powerful fire projectile out of his mouth Neutral


Down b
Spike Ball Pulls out a spiked ball and throws it at an angle Down


Up b
Shell Spin Jump Spins around in his shell while gaining height Up Special 5%
The Monster Flame Spews a humongous flame out of his mouth Showdown Attack 10%

Attributes Edit

Bowser ranks 3rd in the tier list in the S tier, the best of the original 3, as well as the best of the Smash Bros veterans. Many people even considered him to be broken. Bowser has the best spacing capabilities in the game this side of Geno. His Fireball has very fast startup and very fast speed, making it the best projectile in the game. His Spike Ball, while has a significantly slower startup and speed, it deals more damage, so the move is still viable. Bowser is also the second strongest character in the game, Midbus being first. With his Charged Punch and his Spike Ball being some of the only moves in the game that can deal more than 5 damage. He also has the most infamous move in the game: his Air Spin Shell. It has a large hitbox, does some decent damage, and can be a very spammable move. This is obviously not true, as he does have his flaws in his game. At the cost of being the strongest character, he is also the slowest character with terrible mobility (he doesn't even have a proper walking animation). Although this can be reworked with the use of wave sliding, remember you're left in your hurting animation after air dodging, so like most heavyweights, because of his large hitbox-which is also a severe problem with Bowser-he can be pretty easy to hit, so be careful when wave sliding with Bowser. This makes him pretty easy to outspace. His melee attacks are also really slow. While these are his only flaws, it prevents him from being anywhere higher than 3rd, and preventing him from being Top Tier.


  • Bowser is the heaviest character in the game, being at the top of the Heavyweight characters.
  • Bowser is one of the oldest characters to be in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown, along with Mario and Wario.
  • Bowser is one of only two characters, as of v0.8, to have a name change in their alternate skins, with the other being Koopa.
  • Bowser used to have the most powerful non-Showdown Attack move (Charge Punch) doing 10. However, Midbus has taken this place.

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