Attacks are an essential part of Mushroom Kingdom Showdown. They are what characters use to fight.

The keys noted are for P1. For P2, replace the F keys with the O key, and the G keys with the P key.

Normal Attacks Edit

Normal Attacks are used by pressing F by default.

F: Basic Attacks. Usually one of the least powerful attacks.

F + Down: These attacks are usually a bit more advanced than F. These usually do mid damage, but can sometimes do low damage.

F + Up: These attacks are pretty basic too. Usually they do low, or medium damage.

F + Tap Side: This attack can be hard to hit with if fighting a fast character. Usually do a mid-high damage.

F + Run Side: These attacks are one of the easiest to attack with. Usually do less than F Side.

Special Attacks Edit

Specials Attacks are used by pressing G by default.

G: Basic Attacks. Usually do low-mid damage, and usually a projectile. Heavy characters sometimes have weaker Gs than Fs.

G + Down: These attacks are usually advance than G. Most are still a projectile, but some aren't. Some like Peach and Waluigi have very advance Down + Gs. Usually do mid-high damage.

G + Up: These attacks usually make them "double-jump". They usually do medium damage, but some do very low.

Showdown Attacks Edit

Showdown Attacks are the strongest attacks in the game (usually). They are activated by pressing G.

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