Air Dodging was a technique added in v.0.7. Every playable characters can use it.
Air Dodge

How To Use Edit

Air dodging is set to H by default or the Fire 3 key if changed. It must be done in the air in order to activate it. This makes the character invincible for a short period of time before falling back down to the ground helpless.

Advanced Techniques Edit

Wave Canceling Edit

This technique is done by jumping but quickly pressing the Fire 3 button before you actually go in the air. This can be done with every character and is an effective "ground dodge".

Wave Sliding Edit

This is simply wave canceling only Air Dodging forward or backward. It helps characters with poor mobility.

Drawbacks Edit

Using Air Dodging will increase the opponent's Showdown Attack meter, so be warned when using Air Dodges in rapid succession.

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