Classic mario
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Classic Mario
Classic mario
Character's Ingame Stats
Showdown Attack  ???
Unlockable? Yes
Added in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2 Demo 1
Weight Unknown
Tier Unlisted
Character's Origins
First Appearance Super Mario Bros (1985)

Classic Mario is an unlockable character in Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2. He is a Mario clone, taking most of his moves from Mario with a few exceptions.


Classic Mario is a recolored version of Mario's original sprite in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. He has a red hat and shirt now, with blue overalls, brown boots, white gloves, yellow buttons and a dark brown moustache and eyes, akin to his future appearances.

Alternative CostumesEdit

Classic Mario currently lacks alternative costumes, similarly to Ashley and Mr. L.


Image Name Description Type Damage
Punch Two alternating jabs followed by a forward kick, a clone of Mario's. Neutral Attack 1-2%
Side Kick Classic Mario performs a kick, with a koopa shell kick noise following. Forward Tilt 1%
Dive Classic Mario slides forward; a clone of Mario's. Dash Attack 4%
Split Kick Classic Mario stretches both his legs across the floor in opposite directions. Down Tilt 2%
Invincibility Classic Mario temporarily flashes yellow, based on his Star powerup. Aerial 3%
Fireball Classic Mario launches a fireball from his hand as a projectile. While a clone of Mario's, the fire ball is noticeably faster.

Neutral Special

Vine Classic Mario makes a question mark block with a vine appears and climbs said vine. Up Special 5%
Tanooki Soul Classic Mario spins around, based off the Tanooki suit. Down Special 4%


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  • Classic Mario's sprites originate from the flash series Super Mario Bros. Z.