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• 4/14/2015

Wikia Will

For those of you who don't know. I may or may not be banned in the next couple of days. Apparently my brother is my sockpuppet. So, heres a list of things I leave to you. This is only official if I am banned.

  1. Keep the Wikia going.
  2. Have a vote for the next leader.
  3. Keep the Wikia kid friendly.

That's all I can think about for now. May update.

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• 4/14/2015

That's not your brother and you know it.

This is where I showed you the proof:

After I showed you the proof you suddenly claim that you're brothers. this is all you need to prove that you are not brothers with Peasley. You claimed here you had no idea who this person was and asked questions hinting at how your sock was so easily noticable.

"How DO you tell if it's a sockpuppet or a roleplayer?"

"Nail. Who do you think the puppeteer is? I'm just curious."

"How was he acting? I'm just so confused."

Those are questions guilty people ask.

I don't respect you for not coming clean, and I definitely don't respect you for lying to get everyone's sympathy and making me look bad doing it. You're a bad example for the wiki and a bad owner for lying about breaking the rules you helped create and ruining the reputation of staff (me) who enforce your rules. People are considering leaving the wiki because of your lies. I would have felt sorry for you, but you completely went and ruined it.

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