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This is where my messages will be posted about stock, Q and A, announcements, all of that.

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One Foxy preorder left! We may be getting some tommorow or the next day. Golden Freddy is a chat exclusive. I may be giving them away on chat some times so if you see me PM me.


Go on chat! Giving away an elusive Golden Freddy! First Come, First Serve!

The Golden Freddy is gone! Congrats to Mr. xeno
Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy, a limited edition Top Down Treasure


Holding a contest! The first person to collect all Wave 1 Top Down Treasures gets a free preorder for wave 2 on any TDT of their choice. I encourage people to put their collection on their userpage so I can see.


Since they were so close together, GoombaGames AND Mr. Xeno get a Wave 2 preorder first when they come out.


Well, Wave 2 has been released! Keep an eye on Foxy and Golden Freddy if you do not have them yet, because they may pop up. Also, nab any Wave 1 TDT's that you don't have as they will become rarer and rarer. Wave 2 TDT's will be in higher stock later, but once again the first one to collect every TDT released here  will get a prize! Goomba and Mr. Xeno just need to tell me what TDT from wave 2 they want, so remember to do that!


Q: Will _____ ever come back?

A: Yes, mind you briefly.

Q: Can I preorder/buy _____ now?

A: Check the in stock report at the top of the page for quick info. Also, check on chat, I give info there.

Q: Can _____ be a TDT?

A: All FNaF characters will be TDT's. Characters from my games will be TDT's.

Q: What do TDT's do?

A: They are mainly for collective purposes, but the TDT's will be able to connect to a game through one way or another.


Chica is gone! Bye Bye Chica! If you don't have her, she is discontinued! Make a trade deal with someone who has one or be on the lookout for a miracle.

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