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pezon wo guzes get kiten.1
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the first offical rant page!

wanna talk about the worst things about MKS? well, now you can! this page was made so we can fix the problomes you guys say. so...RUN WILD!!!
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Nintendo Direct opinions?

Spoilers if you haven't watched the direct yet.
Which parts were the best/worst?
I'd say the best parts were the SMM update annoucement and the new Kirby game announcment.
Worst part was definitely the new Paper Mario game announcement. Looks as bad as Sticker Star.
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yo mama jokes!

yo mamas so fat when she went on a diet she ended world hunger
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Top Down Treasure Hotspot

This is where my messages will be posted about stock, Q and A, announcements, all of that.
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Try to kill this dougnut

can you defeat this dougnut? post ways to kill it, but this doughnut is very cheeky and denies death,

No /Kill or insta-death weapons, other than that... Have fun! :)

heres the doughnut -> shwee :3
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Make the tier

SS. Mario
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The Game Collection Thread

Post your game collection!

No bragging
No lying
At least one pic.

Post away! I will post mine in a bit
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Ask my Amiibos!

I got this idea and I wanted to do it. The amiibos open to ask are Peanut the Pikachu, Lime the Kirby, and Junior the Mario.
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Unban the user above you!

Haha, I spun it!
Unban the user above you is the oppisite to Ban the user above you, you must unban a person for a good reason or a joke reason and it must have a reason. You can also use a few other forms of treatment/punishment such as the Original Ban, (oppisite to unban) Kick (a less harsher version of Ban) and Block (harsher version than Ban)
- When Blocked, you can't ban or kick until someone unbans you in time, you can send a message though to try to be unbanned.
TonicHedgefox: Unbanned because your awesome
Dfrthyui: Blocked for being stupid
TonicHedgefox: Someone unban me! D:
OmegaSmash: Unbanned TonicHedgefox because you said so.
- Blocking can only be used if you've done 5 bans or 10 unbans.
- You can ban yourself but not for dumb reasons.
- You can also say other users/characters like in JDizzleII's ban the animatronic above you. If someone's already banned / unbanned / blocked / kicked the character you have to do that to the person who did it. (the bannin)
JDizzleII: Waluigi
Jumpheart: Banned because you was OP but you lost it.
Mightyzinn: Blocked because you took my chance of banning Waluigi!
Go wild!
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Top Down Treasures Hotspot!

This is where the contests will be held and the prizes will be revealed along with new waves and TDT's!
Anyways, the winner of the first contest is... 2 peoples!!


The next contest is for a Golden Freddy Top Down Treasure! YOU could be the first one to have one! Nab one of these! Just tell me what your favourite part about Top Down is!
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Epic Rap Battles

Hey everyone, Me and DA came up with an idea to make a thread where you could post your very own Epic Rap Battles, like those YouTube videos, but in text form!
How to Play:

Choose at least 2 contestants, with a limit of 8.
Post one long comment containing the Rap Battle.
Make sure the comment isn't too lengthy.
If you're not the one who made the comment, tell the person who did who won like this:
"@exampleperson I think Luigi won!"
Alright, let's get a move on, shall we?
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Ten Word Themed Story

Yey! This is a bit different from my One Word Story thing, but its kewl.
Here's an example:
P1: THEME: Explosions
P2: The
P3: Bomb
P4: In
P5: The
P6: Chocolate
P7: Factory
P8: Started
P9: To
P10: Explode
P11: Quickly
So the thing is one person says a theme then other people say words to fit the theme. Then after the theme has 10 words under it, the next person says a new theme. For every comment there can only be one word (Besides the theme of course). The theme can be anything. Games, weapons, or just anything. Okay I'll get us started.
THEME: Time Machine
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10 Word Horror Story

Basically,try to write a horror story that is 10 words or less
Lemme start
Jimmy,your mom is dead
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This is where you ask anyone to go on chat when you are lonely. Just ask in the comments.
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Worst grammar you can do.

Writz teh wosrt garmmah u cen. Anny1 usin god grammr iz baned!
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Try to kill Tonic ze Hedgefox!

Try to kill Tonic ze Hedgefox! A simple game where you try to kill Tonic with as many things as you can, but they may not work!
- No repeating what's already been said, even if it has been tweaked.
- No too OP stuff from the get-go.
- This'll make it harder. You're not allowed to say anything near death, kill, faint or pass-out. (excluding /kill)
- As always, Tonic is always himself.
- Just say a random method on hurting Tonic and he'll object it or say that you've killed/damaged him.
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Ban the user above you! 2

I've seen Ban the User Above You has had lots of comment messages things, but I don't want it too crowded, so here's Ban the user above you! 2. 
Y'know how this stupid thing works.
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MKS Wiki Adventure

Well heres a stupid little idea I had.
On here post ideas for a MKS Form (mini)game. It can't be like, "lel masked dedede shoots giant lazers at you while riding a 3ds", but something possible. I will try and put as many things as you guys say in here
Also, mark your post with these types
STORY - A story element
GAMEPLAY - A gameplay element
CHARACTER -  A character to appear in game. If you dont give a way how, I will find one.
LEVEL - A level idea
MISC - Something Misc
Now I am setting one thing in stone right now before anyone changes it through a post.
Because those work the best.
Now go wild!
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