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What Do You Want For This Wiki?

Post your ideas and thoughts of what you want this wiki to become down below. By this I mean how the wiki should be run and what should be allowed on it.
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Oh god, not again...

Hey. This is FNAF other, and I once again forgot my password to my account. Again.
Well, i was'int planning to be active this summer, anyways. BUT! I will be on my Youtube channle!
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a problome.

hello. its me, FNAFguy234. for some odd reson, i forgot my password. opss. so...if there is a random guy running around the wiki, thats most likley me. for now on, forums will be the way i go. so, ill still be around, just not in the blogs.
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A Message

In early December, an old user will return. When, it is unclear;  who, it is a user who was a notable contributor to the wiki, who was one of the many victims of Epicnail's massacre.
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This is gonna be my last day making a daily contribution. From now on I'll only comment when only necessary, which means I might not post for days. Don't worry tho I'll still check in daily
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This post is locked.

Extra Extra!

Epicnail killed the wiki, she is a faggot and is very smelly, Praise Wikia Contributor
TimmyBrock is a noob for defending her

also thebluehero has a amazing icon
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Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Look. You guys are just killing this wiki faster. Yelling at Epicnail is not getting us anywhere. Is this fair to WwwWario? No. Is it fair to Epicnail? No. Epicnail has done somethings we might not agree on. But this has gone WAY to far. Why would anyone say this kind of stuff to a person they never met in real life? Epicnail, although I haven't been the kindest to him either, doesn't deserve this. If this is how we are going to act, then this wiki deserves to die. Epicnail really hasn't done anything wrong. He was just stricter than this wiki wanted.
I'm sorry Epicnail and I hope you can forgive me. I forgive you. I hope everyone else will forgive you too. You were just doing what you thought was right.
Guys, please. This isn't right. Just stop it. Please. What would WwwWario want? This? I don't think so.
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Operation: Save The Wiki

(Just a note. Peasley helped me with this so if I sound like him...) So, this wiki is dying. People are leaving. As a wiki, I think we need to work a few things out. If we can't get a grip on this wiki, I will have no choice but to become stricter. Let's begin.
First of all. We need to stop making enemies and start making friends. I get that MKS is a fighting game. There is no reason though to start arguments with other users. Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. This sounds childish but there is a lesson in there.
I think I will make wiki challenges that will (hopefully) increase the amount of daily users. Also, what would you guys think about completely revamping the wiki?
We also need to go a little more off topic. Let's be honest, we can only talk so much about MKS. MKS Melee is still very early in development. The last couple weeks of school are brutal and then I have regents. Fun. I think you guys should add game reviews, stories (games or real life or any other story) and random thoughts. Just keep it appropriate.
I feel like this is somewhat my fault. I have always tried standing to the side and let you all decide and work out things for your own. I have visited the wiki almost every day. Posting is a different story. If I stayed more on top of everything I feel like this wiki could have succeeded more.
So there you have it. A whole array of scattered thoughts. I'm really tired and not in the mood for fixing spelling or grammar. So please don't insult my spelling or grammar. So I think I will add a challenge to the front page and maybe clean it up.
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Mod Verification Rules!

Click here to view them! Want any more rules or want to get rid of one? Say something down below! All mods must be verified before a page can be created.
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Should we work out an alliance with the FNaW wiki

Hello. This is Lebunnie, The new owner of the FNaW wiki.
I want everyone to vote about an alliance with this wiki and the FNaW wiki. I want to hear everyone's opinions. Should we?
Blog post by Lebunnie. See the blog post here:
Tell your opinions about that in the comments of the blog post, or just post here.
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Unbanning and Demoting

So now that the voting is now complete I have some news to share.
First, Prince Peasley will be unbanned. He will be given a fresh start and treated as any other member of this wiki. That was the voted decision.
Secondly, Pegg128, as great of an admin as he was, will be demoted. He has been inactive for quite some time. I feel we do not need to replace this position until more regular members join.
For any of you who don't agree, it has already been decided. But don't worry. If you don't agree, you can state your case down below. If enough people agree with you (at least, say, five) we will vote again.
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Forum Update

So I rearranged the boards in the forum. The boards about news and announcements I felt should be closer to the top. Followed by questions, then general discussion. Lastly, the off-topic boards. If you don't like this vote and I can change it back.
Also, I added a new board. The voting board! This new board is for debates and will (hopefully) keep the other boards free from any fighting. If you don't like this new board vote to delete it.
To use the new board and vote on these changes go to the voting board !
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We Need To All Take A Step Back

So I know everything has gone crazy for the past week. I never sockpuppeted. I have proof of my brother and I will get proof of Mia hopefully in the next week. She is out of town. But this is not the purpose of this thread.
I owe everyone an appology for stirring up such a big argument. Now that I look back at it, it was sort of like those school fight rings. With Nail and I in the middle and a few other users surrounding us (Thank you for those who did not join in or tryed to stop it). No punches should have been thrown. Because of this, my biggest appology goes to Nail. I do agree with some of her arguments though.

Click image to enlarge. Take for example the first line in this quote from Epicnail. I was not lying, but I did try to make Nail look bad. There is no justification for making anyone look bad. I'm really sorry Epicnail. I hope you can forgive me.
I believe this wiki should put everything that happened in the past week behind us. I will get Mia's voice and we can call it over. If you still want me back after all of this, I plan on working on the wiki more. I have a whole list of things to revamp. I understand if you all don't want me back.
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Something to note

Since I didn't want to make another blog post, I thought I'd leave a warning of sorts to people here.
I noticed today that a small number of users have joined in the past day, as well as old users reappearing. That's odd because there hasn't been any major MKS news, so an influx of users like this is suspicious, especially with the high numbers of users leaving and the sockpuppeting incident. I'm only suggesting that you pay some notice to these guys for anything weird, but don't make them feel unwelcome. That's all.
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So, I'm leaving the wiki. Not much to say. For those of you who wanted me to leave, here you go. Maybe one day I'll come back, but for now I'm done with this wiki. It's been nice meeting you all. For anyone who wants to contact me you can click here . I will continue on Wikia, just not this one. I'm not looking for sympathy. I just want to leave. It's been fun.
-Timmy Brock; founder
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Wikia Will

For those of you who don't know. I may or may not be banned in the next couple of days. Apparently my brother is my sockpuppet. So, heres a list of things I leave to you. This is only official if I am banned.

Keep the Wikia going.
Have a vote for the next leader.
Keep the Wikia kid friendly.
That's all I can think about for now. May update.
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The Votes Are In!

I Made A Post 4 Days Ago Called Regarding Trivia . If You Have Not Seen It Yet, Check It Out. Now, This Wiki Has A New Official Rule. It Passed 17 To 3, That's 85%.

The New Rule
This Is The MKS Wiki. It Is A Fangame, But Only Trivia That's MKS Related Should Be In The Trivia Section. That Means No "In Super Mario Galaxy" Or "In New Super Mario Bros.". This May Seem Annoying, But It Will Make The Wiki More About MKS. For Trivia Not About MKS, You Can Go Here Or Here. Thank You.
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Regarding Trivia

Hello! It's Me. So, Trivia. I Was On The Luigi Page And Saw This:

Luigi has the ability to manipulate electricity, as shown in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He doesn't use it here however.
No Offence To The Person Who Added This, I Don't Think It's Nessesary. That's Just Me. I Think Trivia Should Only Be There If It's Trivia About MKS. Let's Have A Vote. Votes Will Be Counted 2/6/15. Thank You!

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Please Select One Of The Following:  Trivia Should Only Be About MKS 20 Trivia Is Fine The Way It Is 3 The poll was created at 22:44 on February 2, 2015, and so far 23 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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Possible Leak?

I found these in the chat and on Timmy's youtube account. On the video, go in slow motion at 12:19.

Timmy Vs. Terraria - Episode 2
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A very important matter

There have been lots of things happening on this wiki, many of which I'm not aware of. However, I am aware that sockpuppets are everywhere. For those of you who don't know what sockpuppeting is, it is the use of multiple accounts to troll, or in this case "leak" the new MKS. First of all, this leaking business is silly, but it's fine as long as it's all in fun. However, it has been a big problem as of late, which is not ok at all. As an admin, I can't let this stand any longer. The leaker sockpuppets have to stop right now. If I see one, it's a permanent block for the sockpuppet account and a smaller block for the puppeteer (person behind the account) depending on how much damage was done. I don't care if the people sockpuppeting are your friends or not; it can't stand any longer. I don't want Wikia staff to get involved here, because then some actual punishments would be handed out. I apologize for looking like a buzzkill, but as I said before, I have to enforce rules on the side of being friends with people. This is a message for any sockpuppeteers out there. This is your one warning.
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