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I Ask WWWWario If he can add wario-man! but No! He dosen't! he has none! So i decided to pick 2! Wario-Man and Thomas the tank engine!
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Tolstar (Mod)

I'm starting a mod! It adds Tolstar from Superstar Saga. I've made a moveset (And yes, he plays a bit like Midbus, but that makes sense). So, here is said Moveset, if you have any better ideas, be sure to comment them!

NYECK! Moveset 
Basic Moveset: 
Bite: By pressing the A button, Tolstar will bite the enemy. This melee attack does 2 damage.
Body Bump: By pressing A + down, Tolstar will bump his opponent with his belly. This strong melee attack does 7 damage
Aerial Headbash: By pressing A + up, Tolstar will jump in the air and headbash his target. This close ranged melee attack does 3 damage
Charge: By pressing either side button + A, Tolstar jumps forward. This dash attack does 2 damage.
Headbash: By tapping A + either side button, Tolstar will slam both his head down. This close ranged melee attack does 3 damage
Spiked Ball: By pressing the B button, Tolstar throws an spiked ball. This ranged attack does 4 damage.
NYECK!: By pressing B + down, Tolstar laughs and hurts the target. This attack does 2 damage.
Flutter: By pressing B + up, Tolstar flutters up with his tiny wings. Stars come out of his...bottom and hurts the target. This ranged attack does 2 damage.
Showdown Attack: 
Cannon Ball!: Tolstar gets a cannon out, and flies into the opponent. This ranged attack does 16 damage.
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MKS Melee Discussion (Part 2).

Yes. This is part two of the Mushroom Kingdom Showdown Melee discussion. Click here to see the first one.
As you may or may not know, on my profile I have several polls you can still vote on. But I wanted to get more involved with you guys. Let's pool our ideas. Here are a few things I would like to see. Tell me your thoughts and your own ideas.

Special stages that change appearance slightly with the seasons. For example, Mushroom Plains. In winter, there could be snow patches on the ground.
A three part machine similar to the Dragoon in Super Smash Bros.. Any ideas?
Story Mode. Anyone out there up to coming up with a simple story? Don't do it quite yet because the roster isn't released or finalized.
Boss time trials. Beat the boss as quick as possible. The boss would use the same attacks in the same order to make it more fair.
Time Mode and Coin Mode.
Also, any stage or item requests?
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Remove the "Player of the Week" section on the main page

It's just that nobody cares about it anymore. So, unless we revive PotW, I think we should remove the section. Who think we should remove the section?
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Why is this a badge.
Seriously, don't make badges with pictures of users on them, that's not right.
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MKS Melee?

So it seems like WwwWario has not been working on MKS for quite some time now. So I was thinking, we need another game. MKS Melee.
I will be devoping this game by myself. However, ideas and textures would be a great help.
I haven't really started it yet but I am just about up to wher MKS v.0.0 (MARIO Smash Bros.) was. I just wanted to let you know I am making this game. Lets keep this wiki alive until then. There will (hopefully) be plenty of new things coming soon.
-Timmy; creator of the MKS wiki
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New (new) Board Idea

We seriously need a staff application board. Why don't we have one? We don't have a replacement, people looking to be promoted just ask a staff.
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The Stage Challenge!

So, I Was Thinking. We Need A Good MKS Challenge. Well Here It Is:
Goal: Make A Stage That Would Be Able To Be Playable With A Theme. The Coolest Is The Winner!
Prize: Recognition! (And Possibly WwwWario Adding It To The Game)
Due Date: Febuary 28th. No More Entrys Can Be Eligible Win After This Date.
Voting Process: Voting Will Begin On March 1st And End March 7th. This Will Be Done Using A Poll. So Everyone Gets To Vote.
Good Luck To All!

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Should You Be Allowed To Summit Multiple Entries?  Yes, The More Entries The Better! 10 No, That Would Be Unfair. 2 The poll was created at 04:51 on February 17, 2015, and so far 12 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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Post your Amiibos!

My New Pikachu! Named Peanut!.
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New Board Idea

I propose a new board: The Events board! You could set up an event so it would be all public and stuff.
If WwwWario adds online, there could be an online tournament!
JD could make an event for his FNaF Minecraft thing.
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You should add Papaer Mario,Goomba, and Nabbit

-Jace Rausch on youtube
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Herr...That community portal...

It's pretty bad. I'd even say VERY bad. Mightyzzinn just did everything himself without adding ideas and all...I do not agree with some of the rules, the pages thing is lame and unneeded (esspiecially for a community portal), and it just looks ugly and bad. It really needs some rework.
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Staff Suggestions

This is where you should suggest staff promotion/demotion. I can't do anything, but hopefully someone will if enogh agreements are reached. Anyways, a few of my ideas-
-Promote Ladsworld and Supahwaffles to RB.
-Promote Nilzar to Admin.
None of these have/will take place, neccisairily. (Yes, I know I spelled that wrong) But they were a few ideas. I have another RB idea, but I don't think you guys would agree.
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Since I'm admin, I ask if you guys are okay with me adding an auto-refresh feature to recent activity. Basically, what it does is refresh recent activity automatically. Since this wiki has a decent level of activity I thought it would come in handy. Thoughts?
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New Modes

Share Your Ideas For New Modes Here.
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Improving Target Smash

I'm Thinking Your HP Could Be A Timer.
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Improving Classic Mode

Hello Everyone! As You May Or May Not Know I Have Been Trying To Improve MKS's Classic Mode As Seen Here:
I Have Many More Ideas For Classic Mode. For Example On The Same Image Above, Changing The Background As You Progress.
So My Point Is, What Other Ideas Do You Have For Classic Mode?
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Featured Pages and Players of the Week.

I created a blog about Featured Pages and Player of the Week . But pretty much no one is looking a it, so I just wanted to show it in the forum.
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Alternate costume ideas

I am curious to what people think would be cool Alts for MKS. As I clearly stated In my new blog "My Dream MKS," I REALLLLLLY want Penguin Suit Mario. I think Luigi would be funny to have Mr. L and Peach could have Daisy. Post your opinions in the comments!
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Alternate Costumes Discussion

A few hours ago, wwwwario posted some pictures of what I think are alts for 0.7 on his Twitter page!
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